A Study of an ADHD Experience Video Game's Effect on Users' Attention

2019-06-10T16:43:46Z (GMT) by Jessica R. Balfe
Although some literature suggests that video games improve attention skills within the game-play, this study addressed translating this effect on attention in the real world. Research has shown video games can help people focus. Yet, there is lack of evidence displaying whether video games improve or diminish attention skills. The video game “The Inattentive Mind”, a game created for this study, used a method of overstimulation in the form of user interfaces, sound, and environmental interaction to try and help participants to empathize or improve their attention skills outside of the game. Using an experimental design of pre-test, video game intervention, and post-test, results were expected to show improved attention skills. These results did not show conclusive evidence of significant changes in attention skills. However, the results did show an increase in ADHD understanding.