Engineering Better Protective Headgear for Sport and Military Applications

2019-06-10T17:44:01Z (GMT) by Kevin G McIver
Recent applications of medical imaging, advanced polymers, and composites have led to the development of new equipment for athletes and soldiers. A desire to understand the performance of headgear that resists impacts ongoing since the 1970’s has found more traction in recent years with the usage experimental models that have a greater degree of bio-fidelity. In order to determine which features of helmets from different sports (Soccer, Lacrosse, Football, and Hockey) were tested on a Hybrid III 50th Percentile Male headform with an accelerometer rig at the center of mass.Testing was performed by administering impacts to the headform with an impulse hammer that provides transient force data in order to quantify inputs and outputs of the system to develop a non-dimensional transfer function. Helmet performance is compared by sport worn in order to determine desirable manufacturing features and develop prototype helmets that outperforms current athletic equipment.