Gum: A Smart System for Seniors with Diabetes

2019-08-13T20:09:52Z (GMT) by Aijun Huang

Diabetes is a prevalent disease nowadays, and it is a big challenge, especially for seniors. The biggest challenge for seniors with diabetes is that they need to prick their fingers to test their blood which is painful and horrible. Also, the current glucose meter does not make good use of the glucose data to help them better treat the diabetes. Also, seniors live alone and lag off behind the diabetes information & technology. Therefore, based on seniors’ characteristics, I want to employ new technologies, such as data visualization and AI technology, in the design to help them manage their diabetes more easily.

Through the literature review, I learned the disease information of diabetes, investigated the diabetes situation in the seniors’ group, and studied the seniors’ characteristics, which can make the designs more suitable for seniors. To better understand diabetic seniors’ conditions, needs and wishes, I took part in several diabetes events in Lafayette Indiana, volunteered in the retirement village and conducted a series of interviews in these two settings. By analyzing the peer products, daily self-measurement of my own sugar level and keeping diaries, I learned what do the similar products look like, got some inspiration from them and found problems in the current products. After drawing a bunch of sketches to explore the idea, HTA chart, wireframe, low-fidelity prototype and mockups were developed in the first design iteration. I came up with the smart product system, based on the seniors’ characteristics, combined with new technologies to help seniors with diabetes easily manage their diabetes. Then I conducted the usability testing with the prototype & physical models to refine my design. Finally, usability testing was conducted again to make sure my products provide a pleasant experience for seniors with diabetes. With this smart system, testing blood becomes a happy & relaxing experience and seniors can join the diabetes group to support each other. Moreover, Seniors with diabetes can get feedback and suggestions from the system.