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Assessing Image Quality Impact of View Bypass in Cloud Rendering

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posted on 15.05.2019, 14:47 by Stephen A. Stamm

The accessibility and flexibility of mobile devices make them an advantageous platform for gaming, but there are hardware limitations that impede the rendering of high-quality graphics. Rendering complex graphics on a mobile device typically results in a delayed image, also known as latency, and is a great discomfort for users of any real-time rendering experience. This study tests the image stream optimization View Bypass within a cloud gaming architecture, surpassing this imposing limitation by processing the high-quality game render on a remote computational server. A two sample for means test is performed to determine significance between two treatments: the control group without the View Bypass algorithm and the experimental group rendering with the View Bypass algorithm. A SSIM index score is calculated comparing the disparity between the remote server image output and the final mobile device image output after optimizations have been performed. This score indicates the overall image structural integrity difference between the two treatments and determines the quality and effectiveness of the tested algorithm.


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