Computation of Large Displacement Stability Metrics in DC Power Systems

2019-08-15T14:57:27Z (GMT) by Carl J Olthoff
Due to the instabilities that may occur in dc power systems with regulated power electronic loads such as those used in aircraft, ships, as well as terrestrial vehicles, many analysis techniques and design methodologies have been developed to ensure stable operation following small disturbances starting from normal operating conditions. However, these techniques do not necessarily guarantee large-displacement
stability following major disturbances such as faults, regenerative operation, pulsed loads, and/or loss of generating capacity. In this thesis, a formal mathematical definition of large-displacement stability is described and the analytical conditions needed to guarantee large-displacement stability are investigated for a notional dc power system. It is shown possible to guarantee large-displacement stability for any piecewise continuous value of load power provided it is bounded by the peak rating of the dc source.