Design and Simulation of Microwave Filters Using Non-uniform Transmission Line and Superformula

2019-12-12T21:25:22Z (GMT) by Zhaoyang Li
In this study, a novel and systematic methodology for the design and optimization of lowpass filters (LPFs), and multiorder-bandpass filters (BPFs) are proposed. The width of the LPF signal traces consistently follow Fourier truncated series, and the thickness of the substrate as well. By studying different lengths and other physical constraints, the design meets predefined electrical requirements. Moreover, superformula is used in split ring resonators (SRRs) designs to obtain a BPF response and significant structural compactness. Non-uniform transmission lines, as well as superformula equations, are programmed in MATLAB, which is also used for analytical validations. Traces are drawn in AutoCAD. The substrate of LPF is constructed in Pro/e. Finally, the optimized layouts are imported to Ansys High Frequency Structure Simulation (HFSS) software for simulation and verification. Nonuniform LPFs are optimized over a range of 0-6 GHz with cutoff frequency 3.5 GHz. Superformula implemented multiorder-BPFs are optimized with cutoff frequency of 1.1 GHz.