2020-04-27T18:34:45Z (GMT) by Anderson Edward Miles
Design is complex and an important way to deal with the difficulties of design is to meet designer needs within the product development process. Many design methodologies are inapplicable and inappropriate in design practice because they were developed to be context-free universal processes. This thesis argues that design involves social and technical context. The social context influences the design process through social factors like negotiation. Negotiation will determine the outcome of major design decisions. Therefor the design process should guide designers in addressing social factors. The technical context influences design through how the design requirements are linked with the non-static environment in which design takes place. Therefor the design process should guide the designer in addressing the technical context as each tool or design methodology will determine the very character of the solution space. This thesis will identify the social and technical designer needs. This Thesis then builds on the core concepts of Collective System Design and Decision Drive Design to create a guideline for conceptual product design. This thesis then applies the guideline to develop a product to show that meeting designer needs will improve conceptual product development.