2019-12-10T20:27:37Z (GMT) by Haoyu Shi

Through the computing advance and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) availability for math calculation, the deep learning field becomes more popular and prevalent. Object detection with deep learning, which is the part of image processing, plays an important role in automatic vehicle drive and computer vision. Object detection includes object localization and object classification. Object localization involves that the computer looks through the image and gives the correct coordinates to localize the object. Object classification is that the computer classification targets into different categories. The traditional image object detection pipeline idea is from Fast/Faster R-CNN [32] [58]. The region proposal network generates the contained objects areas and put them into classifier. The first step is the object localization while the second step is the object classification. The time cost for this pipeline function is not efficient. Aiming to address this problem, You Only Look Once (YOLO) [4] network is born. YOLO is the single neural network end-to-end pipeline with the image processing speed being 45 frames per second in real time for network prediction. In this thesis, the convolution neural networks are introduced, including the state of art convolutional neural networks in recently years. YOLO implementation details are illustrated step by step. We adopt the YOLO network for our applications since the YOLO network has the faster convergence rate in training and provides high accuracy and it is the end to end architecture, which makes networks easy to optimize and train.