Re-Specifying Adolescent Non-Normative Role Behavior Experiences with Military Deployment

2020-04-23T18:29:44Z (GMT) by Keisha M Bailey

Using self-reports from 83 military connected youths, the results of the present study challenge convention, suggesting first that the best fitting model for youth’s non-normative caregiving behaviors includes three distinct behavior types: Parentification, Adultification, Role Reversal. Second, that while non-normative caregiving behaviors may be associated with youths’ socio-emotional well-being, how these behaviors are associated may depend on both the behavior and the outcome. Lastly, that Unfairness significantly moderates the association between youth’s non-normative caregiving behavior types and socio-emotional wellbeing. Implications and directions for future research on youths’ non-normative caregiving experiences and types of non-normative caregiving behaviors are considered.