Transient Response of Tapered and Angled Injectors Subjected to a Passing Detonation Wave

2019-08-02T19:15:44Z (GMT) by Hasan Fatih Celebi
A total number of 849 tests were conducted to investigate the transient response of liquid injectors with various geometries including different taper angles, injection angles and orifice lengths. High-speed videos were analyzed to characterize refill times and back-flow distances of nine different injector geometries subjected to a ethylene-oxygen detonation wave. Water was used as the working fluid and experiments were performed at two different vessel pressure settings (60 and 100 psia). Although a minimal difference was found between plain and angled injectors due to having constant orifice diameter geometry, introduction of taper angle resulted in more agile injectors with less sensitivity to ambient and feed pressures. Several attempts were made to normalize refill times and obtain a general trend for transient response of liquid injectors.